Refund Policy


MegaDigitizing will bill the customer after order the order has been completed and delivered. Orders will be billed as quoted price or, if quote not requested by customer, based on stitch count as shown below or a flat fix price structure. Special pricing may be given for volume orders. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover also with secure PayPal as payments. If terms are needed, please contact us at


For Any Left Chest or Cap design $15.

For Any Jacket Back design $30.

Vector art pricing $15- $60 based on complexity of art. For more details about the price/rate structure please visits our Pricing page.


These are the cases for Refund:
1- If you have issue in digitizing.
2- If digitizing not complete on time
3- Files are corrupt.


1- If your machine has issue.
2- Fail to show us sample sew out
3- We will make sample sew out from our machine and if its comes out perfect means you have issue with your machine.


大多数订单均以MegAdigitizing提供通过电子邮件或上传网站上传。 如果要求物理交付,将使用空运或地面快递员。 交货费将加入客户的账单。 矢量艺术根据艺术复杂性为15- $ 60定价。 有关价格/利率结构的更多详细信息,请访问我们的定价页面。 3-我们将从我们的机器中缝制出样品,如果它出现完美意味着您可以使用您的机器发出。 对于任何左胸或帽子设计15美元。 2-如果数字化按时不完整 1-如果您在数字化中发出问题。 任何夹克背面设计30美元。 2-未能向我们展示缝制 这些是退款的案例: 1-如果您的机器发出问题。 3-文件已损坏。 价格结构 不退款案例: 付款条件 退款政策 运输 退款